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BIO (on now broadband television channel 222) after airing FOUR GREAT HEAVENLY KINGS: JACKY CHEUNG HOK YAU on July 11 will air the second episode FOUR GREAT HEAVENLY KINGS: ANDY LAU TAK WA. The program interviewed many of Lau Tak Wa's good friends like Wong Jing, Teddy Robin Kwan as well as Lau Tak Wa secondary school classmate and producer and director Yu Wai Kwok. Wong Jing pointed out that when he first worked with Lau Tak Wa, he wanted to have more action scenes. However he told Lau Tak Wa, "Viewers love to watch you getting hit more than you hitting people." Teddy Robin pointed out that Wa Jai is very hard working, once he did not return home to rest for three months. Yu Wai Kwok revealed that Lau Tak Wa already had many admirers in secondary school.

Yu Wai Kwok revealed, "I remember back then we were pretending to be Chow Yun Fat in the school hallway. He always pretended better than other students. I thought he was a natural born actor." He pointed out that Lau Tak Wa was already very handsome when he was young and attracted many classmates. He deeply believed that Lau Tak Wa at the time already knew that he would become a star in the future. Later Lau Tak Wa participated in the TVB artist training class and rented a small place nearby TVB. Yu revealed, "The home owner told Lau Tak Wa, 'Chow Yun Fat lived in this unit before. When you live here, you may become a star in
the future too.'"

Wong Jing said, "Lau Tak Wa wanted to have many action sequences like Jackie Chan, but I told him, you are a little different from Jackie Chan. Viewers love to watch you get hit, particularly female viewers. Every time they watch the bad guys beat up Lau Tak Wa they would feel very sad, but on the other hand they loved to watch those scenes." Teddy Robin said, "Some people say Wa Jai is a workaholic, I feel he is a very hard working person." Lau Tak Wa in the mid to late 80s received George Lam Chi Cheung's encouragement to join the music scene. Lau Tak Wa revealed that he was so nervous about his first Hong Kong concert that his hands were shaking. "I was the most nervous for my first concert in Hong Kong because I didn't have a bottom (confidence). I was so nervous that I was trembling."

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