Friday, June 10, 2011


Jacqueline Chong Si Man, Yedda Chao Tong, DaDa Chen Jing, Shum Chi Ming
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The film MICROSEX OFFICE (CHIU SING BAN GUNG SUT) two nights ago conducted a viewer appreciation event. Attendees included Jim Chim Sui Man, Jacqueline Chong Si Man, DaDa Chen Jing, Shum Chi Ming and Yedda Chao Tong. Chim Sui Man personally played usher and then gave away film posters to the audience.

The film opened two days ago but at night they were already showing viewer appreciation. Chim Sui Man explained that because he had a lot of work to do later, the company made such an arrangement. He did not dare to say how much the box office will be, but seeing so many cinema circuits with the film he believed that they had confidence in its box office. He later would visit cinemas in various districts for audience response. Did he ask Isabella Leong Lok Si to support the film? He pointed out that Leong Lok Si already returned to Canada because she had to take care of her child. Earlier when they dined together, did they discuss any collaboration? He said that nothing solid, but if he had a suitable film he would approach her. He pointed out that she would be willing. When she was in his class, he saw how much acting potential she had.

Would he ask Leong Lok Si to return soon? Jim Sir said that he would not, mainly it would depend on whether her condition was suitable. Maybe he would wait until after she enjoyed motherhood. If she came back, would his film have exclusivity? Jim Sir said that he did not mind whether the first one was his or not. The most important would be her future, which also depended on fate, hard work and potential. In addition, Chong Si man two nights ago mentioned her sister Chong Si Wa who was involved in an assault case. She pointed out that the police has not contacted her sister. Her sister was not wanted. She only thought the matter was funny and exaggerated.

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