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Director Peter Chan Ho Sun two nights ago along with Donnie Yen Chi Tan host a lighting ceremony over a 3,591 square meter WU XIA poster wall on the banks of the Huangpo River in Shanghai. The poster area broke the late Michael Jackson special cover poster's old Guinness World Record of 2698 square meters). The event then aired an eight minute long promotional film. Chi Tan revealed that for this movie he almost buried a brother under a waterfall and choked up several times.

Chi Tan said that in a scene in which Takeshi Kaneshiro (Gum Sing Mo) pushed him off a cliff, Chan Ho Sun was worried that it was not perfect enough and gave up on using a computer. He decided to use "wires" at the hundred meter waterfall. Chi Tan's assistant went downhill to
scout the terrain. Hours after he realized that his assistant was missing. As everyone panicked, his assistant suddenly appeared with a face full of blood. Actually his assistant while scouting the location slipped and rolled from the hill to the river. Luckily when he fell he grabbed onto branches by the shore. Otherwise he would have gone over the hundred meter waterfall. Chi Tan got rather upset as he recalled this incident and choked up several times. "Many people look down on stunt people, but in my heart, the stunt professionals are the most respectable people in the entire film industry. My achievements today is because of the group of brothers who would go through life and death with me. I am not battling alone."

When the ceremony was halfway through, drizzle suddenly fell. The screen happened to be showing Chi Tan and the stunt team's "life and death gate" experience during the shoot. Chi Tan even sentimentally said, "People are living, Heaven is watching. Even Heaven is crying, even Heaven is touched." Did Chi Tan feel any fear during the performance? Chi Tan honestly said, "I was afraid, actually everyday I was afraid. Our business is particularly similar to an athlete, we both take risks of our lives. I have experienced many injuries. Several times during the shoot I was almost blind. This shoot was even more special. Chan Ho Sun in order to pursue the solid feel of the house made changes for ordinary people's house instead of building sets. Many locations were several decades or even a century old homes. Running all over the place on top of them, of course I was afraid." Chan Ho Sun also said, "I always thought I was a perfectionist, I never thought Yen Chi Tan was even more demanding than me. I thought an action sequence was already OK after three takes, but after forty or fifty takes he still wouldn't stop." He said that after making this film, he learned something new about Chi Tan. He thought that Chi Tan was not only a great action director but a good actor.

In addition, WU's Jimmy Wang Yu at the end of last month suddenly fainted from a stroke while dining with friends in Zhuhai, luckily his life was not at risk and now he is recovering at home. His daughter Linda Wong Hing Ping said, "Thank you everyone for your concern, Papa is already fine and has returned to Taiwan for recovery. In the future his health will come first." Chan Ho Sun who just worked with Wang Yu was somewhat upset to learn about Wang Yu's stroke. He said that Wang Yu earlier went to Cannes and Beijing to promote WU XIA, perhaps all the traveling led to this. With the film's upcoming release, would he ask Wang Yu to participate in any promotion? Chan Ho Sun said that his health would come first and make the determination based on his condition.

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