Wednesday, June 22, 2011

[2011.06.23] JESSICA C. BOXES FOR 14 HOURS

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The Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Theresa Fu Wing, Jessica C. starred BEACH SPIKE (YIT LONG KAU OI JIN) in order to express Jessica C.'s beach volleyball expertise began a three month volleyball training with the other actresses before the shoot.

Jessica C. said, "In school I played volleyball, but for the movie I studied with a professional coach the gestures and the blocks. I wasn't careful during a jump and I injured my leg. At the time I was very afraid that it would affect my modeling work, luckily it already has recovered."

Aside from playing beach volleyball, Jessica C. even became an action actress with several fight scenes. She was very focused in the boxing training. At her peak when she went for 14 hours without holding back. To avoid another injury, she followed the gym instructor's safety precaution exactly. She also enjoyed the training process. "Playing with the girls was a lot of fun. We got hurt, laughed and screamed together, the movie was worth all the hard work."

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