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Recently Takeshi Kaneshiro (Gum Sing Mo)'s romance was uncovered. He was still busy promoting WU XIA in the Mainland. Yesterday Gum Sing Mo along with director Peter Chan Ho Sun and Wai Ying Hung attended a Chengdu, Sichuan press conference and finally responded for the first time.

Recently the media caught Gum Sing Mo and a mystery woman going out and appearing to be close. His manager has already denied their romance. Yesterday a reporter asked whether Gum Sing Mo was in love or was the news speculation due to WU XIA's release? Gum Sing Mo said, "Earlier my manager already said it, indeed it was not what it looked like. Everyone know I wouldn't be deliberately low key and not promote. Wu XIA's schedule was moved up by a month. Several actors' promotional schedules were all messed up. Now we would try to coordinate when we can. Thank you media for your care and well wishes."

Gum Sing Mo in the film also talked about the experience of working on WU XIA. He said that in the film she spoke Sichuan dialect for the first time. The team hired a tutor for him. The tutor was very pleased with his performance, at least giving it 80 points. Chan Ho Sun also praised Gum Sing Mo's determination. Everyday after the shoot he would ask for the next day's script so the tutor could record the lines into his MP3 player for him to recite. Gum Sing Mo whether in the film and in life would not try anything dangerous. The Sichuan dialect to him this time was a cliff, he had to decide whether to jump. As a director, he of course had to jump with him.

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