Monday, June 27, 2011


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One of The 178 actor starred film BEGINNING OF THE GREAT REVIVAL, Han Geng earlier arrived in Hong Kong to promote the film. Yesterday he attended a forum. The film company arranged for viewers and Han Geng's fans to watch the film and ask Han Geng questions about the film. Han Geng also drew lucky viewers for photos with him.

Han Geng in the film played Deng Xiaoping and had scenes with the actor who played Zhou Enlai in the film. however he did not have a chance to meet Chow Yun Fat who played Yuan Shikai. Han Geng said, "I somewhat regret not meeting Fat Gor, hopefully next chance I would have a chance."

As for the severe Mainland piracy issue, Han Geng said that he was only an actor and could only do his best to act. He could not control other matter. Some said that Han Geng did not resemble Deng Xiaoping physically. He explained that during the shoot he only sat. Han Geng also said that he knew the younger generation did not understand the nation's history too much. He hoped through this film young people would deepen their understanding of the nation's history.

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