Friday, June 10, 2011


Before the shoot Nicholas Tse Ting Fung was still laughing and chatting with the team

Ting Fung chats with Chin Kar Lok while waiting

Ting Fung injures his right hand while trying to catch a gun

The team sees blood and checks on him

Ting Fung and Lin Peng take off and complete what the director asks

Ting Fung takes a break outside with the team after the take

Lin Peng is one of the stars who Jackie Chan is pushing
courtesy of

Ting Fung yesterday continued work on the film THE VIRAL FACTOR (YIK JIN). Because the building lobby was all glass, fifty or so people came to watch. The team prohibited anyone from getting close to prevent any hindrance on the production.

In the scene Ting Fung carried a rifle to cover female lead Lin Peng's dash to escape, but as they took their marks when Ting Fung covered Lin Peng to the corner someone should toss him a rifle for defense. Ting Fung might have been distracted when he extended his right hand to catch the gun he accidentally injured his hand! The team's jaws dropped when they saw blood on Ting Fung and rushed up to check on his condition. The tough Ting Fung stated that it was only a scratch. After stopping the bleeding with tissues he signaled that he was ready to continue and
behaved very professionally.

The always tough Ting Fung did not think much of the injury. Actually yesterday on the set he appeared to be rather relaxed. Before the shoot he often smoked and chatted with Chin Kar Lok and the team, often flashing a smile or two.

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