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The film XING HAI held its Beijing premiere. The team rushed to Shanghai to appear at the Shanghai International Film Festival. Actress Vivian Hsu (Tsui Yuek Suen), Su Jiahang and other attended the press conference.

XING HAI's directors were China Film Association chair and famous director Li Qiankuan and his wife Xiao Guiyun co-directed. The directors in the past were known for making historical films like THE BIRTH OF NEW CHINA, AFTER THE FINAL BATTLE, CHONGQING NEGOTIATION and QI QI SHI BIAN and other films. This time they caught industry attention as they directed an art film about the people's musician Xian Xinghai's childhood. The director said, "This film captures a special cultural class."

Taiwan film star Tsui Yuek Suen this time changed from her past young and beautiful image to play for the first time a mother. Director Xiao Guiyun praised her performance. "In the film Tsui Yuek Suen put real emotions into the character and took care of Su Jiahang who played Little Xinghai like a mother. They built a deep mother and son relationship. In the film many mother and son scenes were handled very naturally and touchingly." Tsui Yeuk Suen revealed that she personally performed scenes in the film in which she rescued someone from the water and begging the school for her son in the rain. In order to be realistic and understand the character, during preparation she often cried out of control at home. Tsui Yeuk Suen expressed that as soon as she thought about how difficult life was more Xinghai's mother and how she under such difficulties cultivated an outstanding musician, she could not be more touched. She said, "In my over ten years of acting, I am very lucky to be able to run into such a good character and good directors."

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