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Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi two nights ago finally appeared at the airport with a lot of security, but her sons did not go with her. After Pak Chi left Hong Kong, yesterday afternoon her friend Yuki Lee posted online to speak on Pak Chi's behalf. In the post she claimed that Pak Chi suffered various media attacks in silence because she did not want to affect her sons, but she never expected that she would get hurt even more when she took a step back.

Yuki pointed out that Pak Chi's friend urged her to tell the truth, but Pak Chi was unwilling because she did not want to break up the family. Yuki blamed Nicholas Tse Ting Fung for acting all along. "Tse Ting Fung truly deserves the Best Actor Award because he is not only great at acting for the audience, but also at home. You feel Tse Ting Fung must be a good father and husband, but actually aside from appearing at the delivery room, at home he completely ignores his sons. His son can walk by him and he can pretend not to see him as he just plays video games. He can be with the computer all day without saying half a word to his wife and sons.....where is the old lady? I don't know. The son is sick, I don't know and I don't care. Pak Chi alone takes care of them, basically Pak Chi alone is raising two sons. Is that how you be good father and good husband?" She also pointed out that Ting Fung had time off but still did not return to Hong Kong to see his sons. Instead he issued a legal letter to request to see them. He did not call Pak Chi either. Now legally they were still married, they still have not signed any separation agreement. Ting Fung did so in order to force Pak Chi to initiate a divorce.

The post also pointed out that Ting Fung's vehicle and watch all came from Pak Chi. If Pak Chi was truly greedy why would she spend so much money on her husband? Yuki also pointed out that Ting Fung was the best at delegating to those around him. Back then Pak Chi had to do a lot for him during the obstruction of justice case, but after that he just booted her. Earlier Cha Siu Yun's revelation actually came from Ting Fung through his mother's mouth, the goal of which was to force Pak Chi to ask for divorce. Then he could continue to play good father and good husband.

Pak Chi's manager Emily supported what Yuki did. "Finally someone told the truth." Later she again left another message, "People have bottom lines. Keeping quiet to keep the family is useless. In exchange is daily hurt and insults from the Tse Family, it's very horrifying!" Yuki's online support of Pak Chi also attracted Ting Fung fan attacks and led to Ting Fung and Pak Chi fan wars online.

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