Tuesday, June 28, 2011


courtesy of singtao.com

courtesy of mingpao.com

Nick Cheung Ka Fai yesterday attended Stars Shine International 1st anniversary press conference. Actually his friends of many years will join the company's film department and form the Stars Shine Blue Sea Production Company. Thus he came in support. Cheung Ka Fai revealed that his contract with Emperor Entertainment ended this month after six years. Later he will open his own company and handle his own jobs; as for money matters, he will hand them off to others. His wife Esther Kwan Wing Ho will not become his manager because he and his wife only talk about family. She will not interfere with his work. Ka Fai said that his relationship with Mr. Yeung remains great and exceeds friendship. If Emperor asks him to make a movie, with a suitable film Emperor will be considered first. He joked that if his company would not perform well he will visit Mr. Yeung. He also said that he and Mr. Yeung are so close that they no longer need a contract. Ka Fai said that his company would not sign other artists and would only take care of himself.

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