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Nicholas Tse falls after two shots from Sammy Hung

Jay Chou is also on the set
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Nicholas Tse Ting Fung continues work on the film THE VIRAL FACTOR (YIK JIN) in Kuala Lumpur. Reportedly Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi has already landed in Kuala Lumpur and Ting Fung is under extreme protection. To avoid disturbance to his work, "Cheung Pak Chi" has become
a banned term with Tse Ting Fung.

Yesterday on the set of THE VIRAL FACTOR, as from film workers Ting Fung had his personal assistant "Cousin" and five security guards next to him. The film shot a gun fight on the streets and blocked a four lane road. A fan said that earlier Ting Fung appeared to be relaxed and joked around with the crew. However as the media arrived on the set, he began to tense up as those around him made preparation.

In the scene Sammy Hung Tin Chiu chased Ting Fung and lead actress Lin Peng. Ting Fung was shot twice and fell and Lin Peng was taken away. Ting Fung was smoking while waiting for his scenes. He also took off his costume and studied kung fu with his security guard. Reporters were kept at least 10 feet away. As his security team began to "greet" reporters the situation grew chaotic.

Reporters could only loudly ask Ting Fung, "Has Pak Chi come over?" Ting Fung heard the question but did not response. Ting Fung's assistant "Cousin" warned reporters, "Would you believe I would have you dispersed!" Ting Fung will head to Beijing to promote TREASURE INN (CHOI SUN HAT JANG).

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