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[2011.06.19] FIONA SIT: TEARS OF 2 YOUNG

Chapman To Man Jat has a way with picking women, you can tell from his choice of wife and lead actress. This time To Man Jat is invited to choose three rising lead actresses in the film industry to interview. In the first installment is Fiona Sit Hoi Kei. To Man Jat even touches the deepest part of Fiona's heart and leaves her sobbing. She reveals that she once considers mutilating herself. Luckily she receives guidance from God and she is able to leave the darkness!

Fiona Sit is full of emotions, during the interview she laughs and cries. She is so honest, which is what makes people like her.

T: To Man Jat, S: Sit Hoi Kei

T: Fiona do you have attention deficit disorder?

S: I am very extreme. Either I can't concentrate or I can be very focused, like when I am acting a scene or drawing, singing I would be very focused. Nothing that happens outside can affect me.

T: The last time I worked with you, I discovered your symptom. You would sit there and start to think about something else, when you had to think about something else you would think about another. When the director yelled action you would be focused again until the director yelled cut. Then you would think again. Actually I really wanted the director not to yell cut, then you could keep being normal.

S: Ha, then you are saying that only during action I am normal? I am not like that.

T: 7 years ago why did you get into the business?

S: When I was studying my third year at City University, someone asked me to model. Later I realized that spending my own money was great, so I kept working. Then someone else asked me to audition and I got into the business.

T: Oh, actually you are the first generation young model!

S: Not really, my uncle has always worked in show business. I liked to sing a lot, but if I asked Uncle to bring me into the business, I worried that he would feel I wanted to become a star. So I never asked him until someone asked me to audition, then I asked Uncle for his opinion. He said
that if I liked to, I might as well work with someone I knew. I joined Warner like that and worked for seven years.

Chapman To's first interview already successfully "shoots" Fiona Sit into a tearful revelation.

Criticizing Her Own Acting As Not Good Enough

T: When did you realize you like to act?

S: My first movie was 2 YOUNG (JO SHOOK). I am always very appreciative of (Derek) Yee Tung Sing. My first contact with acting with THE ACADEMY (HOK GAING HUNG SUM), the series was hit but I wasn't. I felt that I did 30 episodes, all of which were very poor!

T: What is considered poor?

S: Unrealistic, it's just bad. If a director wanted to find a film lead actress, no matter what he or she would watch this series. If he or she still approached me after watching it, I truly have to say a sincere thank you!

T: I think he didn't see it, he is very instinctive with his casting.

S: I remember when I first met Yee Tung Sing. At the time I was 22 or 23. I wore a men's tee shirt, sun hat and flip flops. Later the director told me, everyone who met with him respected him, only I dressed like that. He was thinking, "What's your deal!"

T: So far which movie do you feel you perform the best in?

S: I like both 2 YOUNG and BREAK UP CLUB (FUN SAU SHUET OI NEI) very much. Watching 2 YOUNG agai, I feel my eyes were very innocent back then. During the shoot I had nothing on my mind. It was the most special movie in my life.

T: Both movies are with Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming). Wong Cho Nam said that when he worked with you in LA COMEDIE HUMAINE (YUN GAN HEI KET) you just pretended to kiss, but you didn't need to for the kiss scene with Fong Cho Ming!

S: What, Wong Cho Nam and I absolutely didn't pretend. At the time his lips were even chapped.


Best Matched with Jaycee Chan

T: if you have to die now, what of your movie would you like to watch again?

S: I want to watch 2 YOUNG again.

T: Do you consider Fong Cho Ming the Best Matched lead actor in your film career?

S: Yes, ultimately I haven't worked with too many actors. Like Dylan Kuo (Kwok Bun Chiu) in EMBRACE YOUR SHADOW (JI OI), at the time we were already great if we could communicate because I didn't understand Mandarin at all. Now I am OK.

T: Lately you constantly go to the Mainland to work on television series, are you used it?

S: A little, I have been to very antiquated places without nothing to make series, even for microblogging I had to go to certain places to get online. I had to sew and put away my own clothes, sometimes bugs would ruin the clothes, the room had scorpions.....for a piece of fried chicken I had to take a two to three hour car ride! However such encounters make me understand that sometimes I would be unhappy if I have too much, but when you don't have anything, giving you a little can make you very happy.



After the interview, "To Sit" check out the photos with Mrs. Chapman To, Krystal Tin. The process is pleasant.

Fiona Sit has worked with Chapman To on a movie before, so their every move is full of chemistry.

All Because of "Thou"

T: I remember when you made LA COMEDIE HUMAINE, you looked very unhappy. The director said that you were brewing your emotions. Were you?

S: That was the lowest point of my life!

T: I feel at the time you were a little depressed, but strangely you developed pretty well, what wasn't going your way?

S: I am not talking about a career low point, but the lowest point in life. Since childhood I am not used to talking with others, for example heartbreaks and pet deaths would make people unhappy, but many felt that my career was very smooth so I should be happy. So I accumulated all the unhappy stuff until one day I suddenly exploded, that period (when she made LA COMEDIE HUMAINE) was long, I was unhappy for over two years."

T: I have been unhappy before as well, every morning when I woke up I would ask myself why did I have to wake up.

S: I remember at the time one scene had to be shot on tram tracks. At the time a tram was approaching, I thought if I lay down and got run over, I didn't need to be down anymore; but then I thought, I still wanted to make movies and sing, I had a lot of stuff that I love I couldn't let go, I couldn't give up on myself!

T: How did you finally get over this?

S: Most primarily all because of God. At the time I couldn't sleep or eat for a long time, my weight dropped by a dozen or pounds. Later I went to some classes, half were about God and half were about self help. People are unhappy because of other people, so the course taught me to pray, to make myself forgive, actually the hardest person to forgive was myself.

T: Seeking help from God proves that life still has hope. N0w what would
make you the happiest?

Fiona Sit jokes that she looks like a "patient" when posing for this photo, secretly telling the enormous emotional pressure that she is under
courtesy of

Sit Hoi Kei then started to cry, harder and harder. After some time when she was calmer she was able to continue.

S: (crying) everything! Now everything can make me very happy, like now after the interview, when I get home and see Mama I would be very happy. As long as I have experienced the lowest, after that anything could make you feel happy. Earlier when I went to work on a series in the Mainland, I was so sick that I couldn't even walk. I worked until 11PM one night and went straight to the hospital. After the blood test the team informed me that the next morning I had to start work at 9AM......the next day on my ride to the set, in the car I was under a blanket and listening to music. In my music I was thankful for everything I had, and I was very happy to see the pretty scenery along the way.

T: When you have so much, you would forget gradually that actually you only need very little. I used to be very happy if I was able to pay the rent because at the time I couldn't pay it for a long time.

S: I used to feel that a lot of things were very tough, but as long as I sat down and thought, actually I was a lucky one. I had a good television series offer, decent money, with a conscience I shouldn't complain. Some unhappy experience is the biggest gift in your life.

T: I have a very rich Mainland friend. He wanted to immigrate to Hong Kong so he invested 10 million on a place. I asked him why, he said the Special Administrative Region passport made going overseas very convenient. Hong Kong's education and medicine are better than the
Mainland too. I have lived 38 years, I never would have guessed that a Special Administrative Region passport would be worth 10 million! Everyone has their own joy, we just never look for it!

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