Wednesday, June 15, 2011


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Kung Fu comedy film HAPPY ADVENTURE today appeared at the Shanghai International Film Festival. The film gathered TVB star Eddie Kwan Lai Kit, Theresa Lee Yi Hung, Wu Ma, Lam Wai and others in its cast, and even invited famous singer Daniel Chan Hiu Tung to perform its theme song. The company and the team brought the film to promote. HAPPY ADVENTURE has already wrapped for a nationwide release this summer. The film is about a lonely father and a rebellious son who are always at odds in a single parent family, but due to an accident they end up in each other's body. At the event Lee Yi Hung appeared with white hair and caught attention. In this film she played a jewel thief, a villain role. She was also willing to ruin her own image for laughter. Speaking of playing ugly, Lee Yi Hung said, "The uglier the better, I don't mind at all."

Kwan Lai Kit in HAPPY ADVENTURE not only had to challenge the all new image of a lonely father but also had to play a ten year old child's expressions. At key moments he even had to fight. He thought that this was the most difficult movie character in his film career. To play this
character well, Kwan Lai Kit often "asked for advice" from his ten year old daughter, daily observation of her became Kwan Lai Kit's required course. He was able to get pouting, stomping, and other tantrum behaviors down pat.

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