Tuesday, June 28, 2011


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The Peter Chan Ho Sun directed suspense film WU XIA's theme song LOST IN THE WORLD (MAI JAU GONG WU) was written and performed by Faye Wong's former husband Dou Wei. Two days ago the song was released and was immediately an online hit. Faye Wong after listening to his new song immediately commented "BLACKEN DREAM" on a site called KOJI (BLACK DREAM was the title of Dou Wei's 1994 collection). Immediately passionate debates were triggered online. "This is considered interactive? Does it? Does it?"

Others tried to under Faye Wong's critique. "Faye Wong said Dou Wei's LOST IN THE WORLD is a blacken dream......my understanding is, the Dou Wei that she was familiar with was back, but she was no longer who she was. He is back, but she is gone. How poetic!"

Chan Ho Sun used rock music for the film's end title song because the film did not have a traditional happy ending; under the rock rage exterior, the film's unease could be expressed.

During the shoot, Chan Ho Sun even played Black Panthers' hit DON'T BREAK MY HEART for the cast to find the feeling. Later, he also asked the team to look for over 300 rock songs and listened to each one. When he heard NO ROOM FOR MYSELF, he thought this song could be placed at the end of the film. When he saw Dou Wei wrote it, he was more determined to look for Dou Wei. Before he went to Cannes, Chan Ho Sun sent a copy of the film to Beijing for a super super advanced screening for Dou Wei. After becoming the film's first viewer, Dou Wei only spoke 20 minutes with Chan Ho Sun to seal this deal. Dou Wei only spent five days to complete this work and described this song as "the most violent" in recent years.

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