Friday, June 10, 2011


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Edmond Leung Hong Man thinks Andy Hui Chi On and Sammi Cheng Sau Man plan to wed at the end of the year
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Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Edmond Leung Hong Man yesterday attended a health event in Wanchai. Bulking up for his new film DAI JUI BO (BIG CHASE) Ka Fai demonstrated the correct way to do a variety of exercises. His pair of strong yet powerful arms left many praising. Meanwhile Leung Hong Man shared his health advice.

Ka Fai said that he already successfully lost ten pounds and his waist should only be 27 inches. Actually the director only needed him to be a little more built, but he thought that his character should be thin and muscular. Ka Fai said, "I understand Hong Kong film productions are on very tight schedules, since foreigners can spend time to change for a role, I hope to be able to do that too. So I turned down many other jobs. I don't want to just change the hairstyle or shirt and call it another character. I hope to be a butterfly once." Did his wife and daughter accept that? Ka Fai said that his wife was somewhat terrified but was very satisfied with his shape. His daughter on the other hand had little to no problem. He however started to talk less. Would he have temper tantrums? Ka Fai said, "Luckily my wife doesn't talk much either. My daughter seems to be immune. After the shoot I will eat all the fatty meat I can, and won't exercise for half a year. Then I want to eat Dongpo Pork and Boiled Fish the most, I will be able to drink the entire dish of grease too."

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