Thursday, June 16, 2011


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Tang Wei won her first Mainland Best Actress award

Ge You won Best Actor with LET THE BULLETS FLY

Huang Xiaoming

Charlie Yeung Choi Nei

Miriam Yeung Chin Wa is already the Best Actress in the hearts of the audience with her award

Fiona Sit Hoi Kei thanked rumored boyfriend and co-star Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) for her award

Mak Ling Ling, Joyce Cheng Yun Yi

Anthony Wong Chau Sun went to Dunhuang to work on WHITE VENGEANCE earlier but has
returned to Hong Kong
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The 11th Chinese Film Media Award took place last night in Macau. Tang Wei with CROSSING HENNESSY (YUET MOON HIN NEI SI) won Best Actress. Jiang Wen with LET THE BULLETS FLY won Best Actor and Best Director. Huang Xiaoming and Miriam Yeung Chin Wa both won "Consolation Prizes", "Viewers' Choice Most Eye Catching Actor and Actress". WHEN LOVE COMES won Best Picture.

Tang Wei said that with this award, she hoped to be able to run into even better characters and scripts so she could attend again next year.

Yesterday afternoon, guests like Yeung Chin Wa, Fiona Sit Hoi Kei, Tang Wei, Huang Xiaoming, Wai Ying Hung, Charlie Yeung Choi Nei, Joyce Cheng Yun Yi and Ge You appeared on the red carpet. Chin Wa with the film LOVE IN A PUFF (JI MING YU CHUN GIU) competed for Best Actress and Most Eye Catching Actress. She thought each award was a great encouragement for artists. Both awards were very important.

Sit Hoi Kei with BREAK UP CLUB (FUN SAU SHUET OI NEI) won "Viewer's Choice Most Eye Catching Performance" award. Did Huang Xiaoming see Angelababy on this trip to Macau? Xiaoming said that if everyone wanted to know about the, they should watch their movie. Reporters said that Baby was his girlfriend, not rumored girlfriend. Xiaoming just laughed.

Ge You won the "Hundred Media Filmmaker of the Year" award. He said that he might not celebrate because he already had many events. In addition, Jordan Chan Siu Chun ran into a flood in Dunhuang while working on WHITE VENGEANCE (HUNG MOON YIN). The entire team has lost contact. Cherrie Ying Choi Yi said that she just contacted her husband Chan Siu
Chun and he was fine.

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