Sunday, June 19, 2011


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The film CHA WU CI REN today held a press conference on the eve of the 14th Shanghai International Film Festival closing ceremony. Director and writer Keelson Zhu and actors Law Kar Ying, Qiao Renliang, Yu Xiaowei and others appeared. The film was their most daring
performance in their career yet. Old friends Law Kar Ying and Vivian Wu in the film also gave a passionate performance.

In the film an expert heart surgeon at his father's funeral discovered that his father's ashes were stolen. During his investigation he had a car accident. When he woke up he was on a remote island. The director said that this was not simply a suspense thriller. Everyone was under suspicion in the story. It would be hard to guess who was behind it all before the final minute.

Law Kar Ying and Vivian Wu were known to be actors of substance who have been in show business for years. Their collaboration on CHA WU CI REN added a lot to the film. Law Kar Ying said, "We have known each other for years and are very happy to work together for the first time." When asked about Vivian Wu's acting, Law Kar Ying revealed, "Vivian Wu in the film had a very explicit rape scene that absolutely was daring."

In the film Yu Xiaowei's nude scene became the media focus. Yu Xiaowei said, "My first nude scene in the film was quite a challenge for me, but you have to wait until you get to the movies to find out how far I went."

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