Sunday, June 12, 2011


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Over 300 Chinese and foreign film professionals walked the red carpet in Shanghai to open the nine day long 14th Shanghai International Film Festival. Famous U.S. actress and Oscar Best Actress award winner Susan Sarandon, famous director Feng Xiaogang respectively won "Film Art Outstanding Contribution Award" and "Chinese Film Outstanding Contribution Award" honors.

As a famous director who created several box office record in China, Feng Xiaogang was the 2006 Shanghai International Film Festival Jin Jue Award committee vice president. In his 90s famous film artist Qin Yi presented the Chinese Film Outstanding Contribution Award to Feng Xiaogang. He said sentimentally, "For any director, his review can't possibly be uniform. Some would like him and some wouldn't. Among Chinese directors I have been the one who has been the most judged. Luckily along with all the criticisms were many recognition, encouragement and praises that gave me the confidence and the courage to
not give up my passion for film and continue to work hard on making good movies. This time the Shanghai International Film Festival presents such an award to me, it is high recognition for my past work and spur me on in my future work. I care very much about your recognition, to which I am deeply thankful." Zhang Guoli and Feng Xiaogang's wife Xu Fan also discussed Feng Xiaogang in their eyes from a friend and family angle.

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