Tuesday, June 28, 2011


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In the Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Theresa Fu Wing, Jessica C. starred BEACH SPIKE (YIT LONG KAU OI JIN), Chau Sau Na and Fu Wing love beach volleyball. Both say that they are no stranger to the sport. Chrissie says, "In secondary school during breaks and after lunch I would
play volleyball with classmates. Of course we aren't playing very officially, just the ordinary passing and blocking."

Before the film began production, the actors received volleyball training for three full months. Facing the hellish training, each actor was focused on the practice, but in exchange they received a body full of bruises. Theresa says, "Seeing all the burst micro blood vessels and bruises on my hands, I instead felt very solid. The thinking was beyond deranged. Actually after a few more times I was numb. We girls thought we had a knack. Haha!"

Chrissie also says, "In the final match, every actor had to take a ball to the face. The volleyball coach served, that moment of impact was seriously tasty. My face looked like Lord Guan's, but when I saw the result it was very shocking. So it was worth the swollen face."

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