Wednesday, May 3, 2017


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Ashina Kwok, Kelvin Kwan, Neo Yau, Kimi Chiu
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Kelvin Kwan Chor Yiu, Ashina Kwok, Kimi Chiu Wing Yiu and Raymond Chiu Wing Hung two nights ago attended the film WITH PRISONER (TUNG CHAU)'s premiere. Kelvin said that in the film he played a correctional officer, often using foul language and hitting people. He invited Mommy to the movie for her to see how his performance was. Kelvin said that he rarely got mad, but when he made the movie he was more frustrated. When he spoke with Mommy he would unknowingly use foul language. The funniest was Mommy responded to him with foul language. Did he ask his god father Alan Tam Wing Lun to see the film? Kelvin pointed out that his god father was busy with his concert.

Speaking of his intimate scene with Ashina Kwok, Kelvin said, "A little, her previous films had very sexy performance. (Were you disappointed that she did not perform in the buff?) No, it's not like that every time. The most important would be the result looks good." He revealed that next month he will go to Taiwan for a movie for a month. His new film would not only have action and car chases but also diving scenes. Earlier he went to take diving lessons. Kelvin revealed that last time he went to Taiwan for a diving scene he almost died. "I really don't know diving at all. The last time I thought with an oxygen tank and an instructor on the side I would be OK. Yet after I got into the water I panicked. I couldn't control my breathing and I even cramped up. So this time I would go back for professional training and reshoot that diving scene."

Kelvin's wife in the film, Ashina Kwok revealed that they had a more passionate scene. Kelvin also taught her how to perform it. She looked forward to it. She said that she did not resist sexy performance but she did not want to be typecast. Her bottom line would depend on what the story would require. She hoped to make dramatic films without any nudity. Would she give less sexy performance because she was in a relationship? She denied that she was dating and said that she was still single.

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