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The film 77 HEARTBREAKS (YUEN LEUNG TA 77 CHI) lead actress Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin and C Kwan worked together for the first time in a film. With his always mischievous image, C Kwan made Ah Sa say that the hardest part about working with him was trying not to laugh. C Kwan's appearance already was full of comedic feel, with his film costume he cracked up Ah Sa and the crew on the set. C Kwan could not help but say about his costume that it was unforgivable.

Ah Sa remembered in one of the scenes, the rich C Kwan felt in love at first sight with Ah Sa then started pursuing her. He even proposed to her at her friend J.Arie's wedding ceremony. Ah Sa stated that it was truly too painful because she had to try not to laugh. Each time she looked at C Kwan's serious expression but naturally funny face, Ah Sa did not know what to do. C Kwan the comedy expert during the shoot often "caused trouble" with his improvisation and created a lot of laughs. On one hand C Kwan proposed to Ah Sa, on the other hand Pakho Chau appeared and knelt to Ah Sa in hope of her forgiving him. Ah Sa cried for help because Ah Sa was full of conflict with Pakho, she did not know whether she would continue to forgive Pakho. Yet with C Kwan, she would crack up due to him and ruin the scene. However Ah Sa said that actually C Kwan contributed a lot. During the shoot he brought the cast and the crew endless joy.

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