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International film star Chow Yun Fat is busy with his new film PROJECT GUTENBERG (MO SEUNG). Yesterday was his 62nd birthday. His co-stars Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Paulyn Sun Kai Kwan, Alex Fong Chung Shun and Carl Ng Ka Lung celebrated with him and the team on the set. The film even prepared five birthday cakes for the birthday boy. Fat Soh Jasmine Tan even set up a buffet for everyone. Birthday boy Chow Yun Fat looked sharp in a suit. Catherine Chau Ka Yi and Justin Cheung Kin Sing both thanked Chow Yun Fat for setting up a "Fat Kee store" on set for the cast and the crew.

At lunch, Fat Gor stepped out of the studio and found 5 cakes waiting for him. At the same time Fat Soh hired Gingko House's catering for over 100 workers on hand. Surprised, Fat Gor immediately hug his wife and kissed her. Sing Sing was in great spirit and acted like a little fan. First he represented the entire team and presented a birthday card to Fat Gor, then he led a birthday song rendition. Sing Sing said, "Idol! For my only idol!" Sing Sing even pretended to kiss Fat Gor and Fat Gor also pretended. Fat Gor said, "This is my trainer, he teaches me how to run."

Fat Gor was very touched and said that he had to thank his wife. "I can't be happier. This morning she asked me 'Hubby what do you want to eat tonight'. I said whatever, going to and coming back from work, I should eat simpler since tomorrow I will have to work again. Who knew that she would make such a big deal, I am very touched and happy." Fat Gor revealed that he usually would celebrate his birthdays with dinner with friends, it was rare to celebrate with over 100 people on the set. He said, "I haven't celebrated my birthday on the set in a very long time. Birthday to me is very ordinary. I am happy everyday, so everyday is a birthday. Today I have more people to wish my Happy Birthday and Good Health." Speaking of his birthday wish, he joked that it was the old fashioned "Good health, world peace".

Fat Gor this time played a counterfeit currency organization mastermind. He said that the character is neither good nor evil so it was particularly fun. He even got to work with a group of very outstanding actors. He said, "It's been a lot of fun, with such a good group of actors. They including Sing Sing are outstanding. For my second collaboration with him, he is in great shape. Sing Sing this time is stuck to me from the beginning to the end. In the film I discovered, cultivated him, and asked him to help. He originally was a painter." Fat Gor said that Sing Sing was even more mature than last time. Did Fat Gor congratulate Sing Sing on impending fatherhood? He said, "That stuff is for later!"

Fat Gor said that this time he mainly had a gun fight scene, so he might not have the chance to show off his results from training with a famous trainer. "This time I mainly have dramatic scene and gun fight, so I won't show off any muscle."

After finishing the film's Hong Kong shoot, next time he will head to Chiang Mai, Thailand and Canada to continue the shoot.

Since the film will be about a counterfeit currency organization and its process, Chong Man Keung got a real currency press that was able to create extremely realistic counterfeit currency.

Chong Man Keung said, "The machine really prints fake money. During the shoot it printed once, it was so solid that I had to report to the Monetary Authority. The result looked very real. We asked a group of printing masters to help. The machine also required long term supervision. We aren't afraid of theft because the machine weighed 7 tons. Mainly it would be more for maintenance. As for legal issues, we did something to the currency so everyone could tell its authenticity. For the release we will remove it with computer special effects."

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