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The Ann Hui On Wa directed film that took place during the 3 years and 8 months when Hong Kong was under Japanese occupation, OUR TIME WILL COME will open on July 6. The film recently even received the Shanghai Film Festival's invitation to be this year's opening film and compete for the Golden Goblet Award, the only Chinese film to be s elected.

This was Eddie Peng Yu-Yan's first collaboration with Hui On Wa. Peng Yu-Yan pointed out that he ran into Director Hui On Wa at the Golden Horse Award and the Hong Kong Film Award, but they never had any chance to properly have an exchange until OUR TIME WILL COME. He felt like he finally got his turn! Peng Yu-Yan stated that he benefit a lot from working with Hui On Wa. "Director Hui On wa loves to accept challenges more than me, she is much bolder than many guys. She is very certain about what she wants, she doesn't compromise. She is willing to challenge a variety of different film genres. Even if this subject has already been told before, Director Hui On Wa would use different insertion point to talk about it. I feel this is her courage." Peng Yu-Yan even revealed that Hui On Wa and his mother were the same age, so to him the director was not only an experienced elder at work but a very respected elder in life.

Peng Yu-Yan in the film played the 40s legendary "sharpshooter" Lau Hak Jai. To be closer to the character, He tried to be exact in his physique and skin tone. He did not overlook small details like teeth and finger nails. Peng Yu-Yan even read the Lau Hak Jai biography before the shoot in hopes of get closer to the character on a spiritual level.

Director Hui On Wa had more than praise for Peng Yu-Yan's performance. "Lau Hak Jai has brains and brawn, excels in playing a variety of roles. Peng Yu-Yan is an all purpose actor, he cannot be more suitable to play him."

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