Thursday, May 25, 2017


Ng Hok Yau, Anthony Chan, Jonathan Wong and Carlos Chan
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Anthony Chan Yau, Jonathan Wong Chee Hynn, Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Ng Hok Him yesterday promoted their film THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SONS (HING DAI BAN). The story was based on the Wynners' experience in their youth. Playing the young Chan Yau, Ah Him had the least acting experience. Wong Chee Hynn said that Ah Him's nickname was "Off" because he often ran off. Chan Yau said, "Ah Him was very precise with his drum beats, but his life beat was completely wrong. He would disappear at meals and on the set." Ah Him explained, "Because I just left the Sil Hung Mo band, I had some negative emotions. I didn't want to affect the team." Chan Yau said that he did not yell at Ah Him for his behavior, instead he comforted him that life had ups and downs.

Chee Hynn said that as the director Chan Yau really took care of Ah Him, Ka Lok immediately got jealous. "The director was very accepting or loving toward other new actors, he would hug them. Yet I had a crying scene he didn't hug me, he didn't comfort me either." Chan Yau said, "You expected that, because Ka Lok was rich with acting experience he knew how to take care of himself. At first when I asked Ka Lok to play the young Pang Kin Sun, everyone thought when was Kin Jai was handsome? Actually when he was young he was very handsome. Later his look changed with age."

Chan Yau said that he treated all the actors the same, he would take care of everyone. Ah Him was a new actor. Some said that he looked like he was acting the least. This was the power of a new actor. Chee Hynn played the very important big brother in the young Wynners. He sang well and performed decently.

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