Sunday, May 7, 2017


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Marco Tsui plays Chin Siu Ho's discipline
Tsui Siu Ming wants his son Marco to be self reliant
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Tsui Siu Ming's son Marco Tsui Yuen Ho earlier represented his school in the Star of Asia talent contest and won in Busan, Korea. later he also participated in the Zhejiang Satellite reality show I AM NOT A STAR without an outstanding performance, leaving a deep impression on and off screen.

Although Yuen Ho only became an actor in the middle of last year, so far he has already taken three film roles. Most recently he even participated in the "Vampire Founder" director Lau Koon Wai's film NEW MR. VAMPIRE, currently in production in Hengdian. Back then Lam Ching Ying and Chin Siu Ho played master and disciple in MR. VAMPIRE. This time Chin Siu HO played the "Vampire Killing Master". Yuen Ho played Siu Ho's past disciple character. Tsui Yuen Ho said said, "I have a lot of pressure, back then Brother Siu Ho had a very outstanding performance and was very agile. I have to humbly learn from my elder. Luckily director Lau Koon Wai often gives me attentive guidance. I am confident in playing this character well."

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