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Anthony Wong frowns over the "blood"
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Anthony Wong attends THE SLEEP CURSE premiere
Michelle Wai is happy to have her parents' support
Pancy Chan earlier went to the hospital after a reaction to prop medication during a shoot
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Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Michelle Wai Sze Nga and Bryant Mak Chi Lok two nights ago attended the film THE SLEEP CURSE (SUK MIN)'s premiere. The event arranged for a human brain shaped cake and no one expected that Chau Sun was actually very afraid of bloody food! In the end Sze Nga was responsible for cutting the cake. Chau Sun said that grandmasters actually did not need to fight minor fighters, and martial art was not as simple as fighting. It contained even more philosopher within.

Earlier announced that he would no longer make any horror film, Wong Chau Sun said on th stage that if this film performed well at the box office he would not mind making another. However he said that he would only make other genres, and he did not hold any expectation for the new film box office. He joked that even if it made more he would not get any more money.

Currently busy with his end of August play, Chau Sun admitted that he felt a lot of pressure. He said, "Because it is a comedy, I make a lot of appearance so the lines are very hard to remember." Speaking of MMA fighter Xu Xiaodong's announcement that he would cancel his challenge to martial art experts, Chau Sun said, "This is just youthful exuberance. If I was a grand master, why would I fight with him? I would get nothing from beating an unknown fighter, and if I lose I would lose my reputation. Outsiders would feel I was taking advantage. If I wanted to fight I would participate in a regulation contest. Martial art is not just fighting, it has other philosophy, improve personal discipline. 'A thug suppresses an opponent with violence, a righteous man wins the opponent with virtue.'"

Wai Sze Nga earlier posed for a sexy magazine photo shoot. Two nights ago she said that before the photos were published she was very anxious and worried that Mommy could not accept it.

The result was unexpected as Mommy was even more open minded than Sze Nga. She even praised that the photos as pretty and jokingly asked her if she shot an underwear commercial. Would she have even lower bottom line for sexiness in film? She said, "It's too late, not to mention I can't even if I want to do. I am the happiest that more people are saying that I am grown up and have femininity. I can consider it when I run into a director I trust and a good script."

Earlier hospitalized for taking the wrong medication during a shoot, Pancy Chan Pui Sze explained that it was an accident. What she took was not real medicine, but she did not know how the prop medicine would cause a reaction. Thus she went to the hospital.

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