Tuesday, May 16, 2017


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After less than three weeks in release, LOVE OFF THE CUFF (CHUN GIU GAU JI MING) already passed HK$ 29 million at the box office and outpaced its two predecessors' box office records. Earlier it already announced that it was the top grossing Chinese film in Hong Kong this year, its original soundtrack was also popular. "Cherie Yu" Miriam Yeung Chin Wa host a karaoke party earlier and celebrated with champagne. The climax of the evening came when the giant pink breast cake of "2017 Highest Box Office and Biggest Breast" appeared with sprinklers, everyone chanted "cut the cleavage, cut the cleavage" like they did in the film. Chin Wa could not do it and "Jimmy Cheung" Shawn Yue Man Lok took over. Then he grabbed Susan Shaw Yam Yam and Yeung Chin Wa as he excitedly screamed, "Biggest Breasts vs. Highest Box Office"!

In the film trilogy, "Cherie Yu" and "Jimmy Cheung" had an unbreakable connection with karaoke. Thus Chin Wa chose to hold a small karaoke party. Media Asia Group executive director Yip Choi Tak and Chan Chi Kwong, LOVE OFF THE CUFF executive producer Lau Yim Ngo, lead actor "Jimmy Cheung" Yue Man Lok, "Cherie's besties" Isabel Chan Yat Ning and June Lam Siu Ha, "Audience Appreciation King" Susan Shaw Yam Yam, "Cherie's Brother" Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung, "Mrs. Flying Eagle" Tarah Chan Yi Lan, and their colleagues and friends Subyub Lee, Fish Liew Chi Yu, Koyi Mak Chi Yi, Clifton Kwan Yat Yeung and Ashina Kwok Yik Sum celebrated. Chin Wa and her besties formed MKB48 even sang LEGEND.

Chin Wa sincerely thanked the audience and the team. "Thank you viewers for all the support, everyone had a lot of fun during the shoot. If the film performs even better, the chance for a 4th installment would much higher!" Due to scheduling conflict, Ah Lok was unable to participate in all the film promotions. Chin Wa and other actors attended over 200 audience appreciation events in his place. He said, "Thank you very much to my good co-star Yeung Chin Wa, 'Audience Appreciation King" Sister Yam Yam and all the brothers and sisters. Sister Yam Yam ran to over 100 audience appreciation events, even more amazing than May Day concerts!" Earlier admitting that he was reluctant about singing, Ah Lok after two May Day concert stage appearances changed his mind. He even suggested a "LOVE OFF THE CUFF concert". Chin Wa said that it was a great suggestion and hoped that Ah Lok would return to music.

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