Thursday, May 18, 2017


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The film DEALER/HEALER (DUK. GAI) two nights ago held a premiere. Actors Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Patrick Tam Yiu Man, Vincent Wan Yeung Ming, Wylie Chiu Shek Chi and Cora Miao attended. Best Actor Lam Ka Tung appeared with facial hair. He revealed that it was his new look for a science fiction film. He will go to the desert with Shawn Yue Man Lok, Simon Yam Tat Wa and Philip Ng Won Lung for three weeks. He will not be going to the Sahara Desert like he wanted but to Yinchuan in the Mainland. He expected dehydration and electrolyte shortage while working in the scorching desert. He will even have to run in the desert in a suit and leather shoes. After work he will have to take a two hour ride back to the hotel. He felt that it will be a huge challenge.

Chiu Shek Chi guest starred as a prostitute in the film. She had the most scenes with Sean Lau Ching Wan. Her former boyfriend Lam Ka Leung had an accident in Canada. Chiu Shek Chi admitted that she flew there to visit him. Even though they have broken up they were still good friends. She learned that he was no longer in any danger but had to wear a neck brace. She revealed that his mother still treated her like her son's girlfriend, but she has not thought about the chance of getting back together. She just finished a ViuTV series and last month she will work on two web movies. She said that although they will not pay a lot, she will still be able to make it up with quantity.

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