Thursday, May 18, 2017


Sam Leong and Xanadu
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"Xanadu" Yoyo Wu is optimistic and happy, but in the film TOURNAMENT 4 she plays a tragic woman who often suffers domestic abuse at the hands of her husband. It absolutely is a huge acting challenge that she admitted was rather hard to handle. "I am a very happy person, people at work are funny too. Yet as soon as I get into character I have to cry. My emotion has to be very down. It's like a personality split!"

Playing a bone setting master, Sam Leong Sing Chi learned that Yoyo's husband often hit her, took pity on her and taught her self defense. Later they fell for each other and even had a kiss scene. Yoyo said that it was super awkward. "The scene took several takes. That night was very cold. We shot as our noses ran. It was very memorable! During the shoot everyone were embarrassed. Maybe we were too familiar with each other, our mouths were all stiff! I tried to talk my way out, my character was so reserved, would she need to give a kiss? Yet the more I thought about it the kiss was needed. Our characters reached a point in their relationship, which gave her the motivate for revenge later."

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