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Brigitte Lin's step daughter Ying Ka Sin arrives later 
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Brigitte Lin (Lam Ching Ha) two nights ago attended a Cartier jewelry event. She asked the media, "Do I look like a star today?" The media said that she was not just a star but a superstar. Ching Ha said, "Today I am playing a star, for a lifetime I always played different characters. Days ago I played the kind mother, today I play a star. Today I dress so beautifully to appreciate jewelry, which is a great life experience and adds to my writing material."

Some said that she looked full figured. Ching Wan smiled. Was it because she was pampered? She denied that, she said that writing has been very tough. When she wrote she would write for several days and nights. For events she had to eat less and run. What kind of jewelry did she like? Ching Wan said, "Tonight there is an over a hundred karat blue diamond on display. It's very rare and very expensive, HK$190 million. 19 years ago when I wed I have seen a similar blue diamond at an auction. It wsa very expensive, US$1 million. I didn't bought it at the time. Now it already costs HK$100 million." 100 million to her was chum change. Her eyes widened as she said, "No, it's not chum change to anyone. (Ask your husband for it as a gift?) No, he wouldn't play the role so fully."

She was rumored to have purchased a Cartier diamond tiara, was it for her daughter? Ching Wa admitted that it was purchased before and she planned to give it to her daughters. Was it for their wedding? She said that her daughter was not interested and coyly joked that she would wait until she turned 60 to wear it. Did her step daughter Ka Sin not want it? She smiled and admitted that. How much was the diamond tiara worth? She said, "I didn't pay attention to how much it is, as long as I like it it's fine. I am very happy to have it. If I like it I wouldn't feel it's expensive, if I don't like it I would feel it's expensive. (100 million?) You really think too highly of me. (Do you have an upper limit for jewelry purchase?) Not really, it depends on destiny. If I like it, can afford it and wouldn't feel a heartache I would buy it." Did her husband limit her shopping? She only smiled. Did she have free reign over the credit card? She said, "I have free reign over my own, not my husband's."

Did she miss "Gor Gor" Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing? Ching Ha said, "I always see him in my dreams. (What do you talk about in your dream?) He is quietly among friends."

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