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Jennifer Tse says that boyfriend Andy Tien has not proposed to her yet and they have not discussed marriage
Ava Yu will work on a police comedy but declines to reveal who the lead actor will be
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Jennifer Tse Ting Ting yesterday attended an event with Ava Yu Kiu. Ting Ting said that she just returned from Italy but boyfriend Andy Tien (On Chi Kit) was busy and did not go with her. In the past they were often stuck together like they were glued but lately they rarely appeared in public together. No wonder rumors of romantic troubles surfaced, and nothing came of the marriage talk. Ting Ting said, "My relationship with Andy is OK. Earlier he made 4 movies and recently he went to the U.S. for his sister's wedding. I couldn't make the time to go with him and we couldn't make time to on vacation together. (Earlier Andy announced that you would wed this year?) It couldn't be done any month this year since we are so busy, just pretend like he never said it!"

Ting Ting stressed that right now work came first, even if they did not wed she would not be disappointed. She even said it was a "misunderstanding". She explained, "Although a wedding was rumored, actually he has never proposed to me and we never discussed it. Everyone misunderstood! As for a marriage agreement, we don't have one, we would change the subject as son as it was mentioned." Reporters reminded that they might "break up if they don't wed". Ting Ting lightly worried, "I am not scared!" She stressed that as long as they were happy it was enough.

Speaking of former sister in law Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi's Mainland diving program participation and thus was accused of neglecting her two sons, Ting Ting said that she did not pay attention to the reporters and recently has met and played with her two nephews. She did not comment on Pak Chi; Ting Ting also said that she has not heard about an exorcism for Pak Chi's family.

Yu Kiu revealed that later she will make a police comedy and she will be the lead actress for the first time. For the character she will need to practice piano. Who will be the lead actor? She said, "I can't reveal that yet, no one would expect it because no one would think we are compatible! As for whether he is handsome or not it would depend on the person, he is neither Best Actor nor Wong Cho Nam. Ultimately he is someone I like."

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