Wednesday, April 24, 2013


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Shiga Lin states that originally she would have worked with Sita Chan on an upcoming film
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Shiga Lin Si Nga yesterday attended a fashion store opening and even relived her part time model past. "I have never modeled swimwear, I might not have enough guts to either because I don't have confidence in my figure. I don't have meat where I should and I have more meat where I shouldn't. (Would you consider breast enhancement?) Definitely no shots and surgeries, I hear aside from massage, herbal medicine and acupuncture are also effective for breast enhancement. If the need arises in the future I will try the Chinese herbal medicine method." She said that she had to stay in shape for Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum)'s romantic comedy. "Originally I would have worked with (Sita) Chan Hei Yi on this film. I never thought that the day after I received the notice she passed away. Now with this sensitive situation, I wouldn't ask who took over her role." She said that she has never worked a comedy and for now she did not need to shoot any intimate scene.

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