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Chrissie Chau concedes to her co-stars from Malaysia
Chrissie Chau's left foot has not healed yet
Both Chris Tong and Emily Lim say they are under order to steal the spotlight
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Chrissie Chau Sau Na two nights ago attended the film BAU 3 CHIU GIU WA (EXPLOSIVE 3 ANGELS)'s production start ceremony in Fanlan, but she was not match for two Malaysia actresses Chris Tong Bing Yu and Emily Lim (Lam Pui Kei); Tong Bing Yu even displayed her 5 inch career line and blatantly stole the spotlight.

Facing the tag team of angels from Malaysia, Sister Na joked, "Maybe Malaysia's papayas and durians are useful, I feel I have to put mine away." Would she strike back in the film? She said that earlier she injured her leg from a film but would continue to fight. She said, "I don't want to waste the kung fu that I learned for half a year. In addition half of my scenes are fight scenes, I would try to be careful with my injured left leg."

Director, writer and actress Cheuk Wan Chi revealed that Sister Na saved the front for later. She said, "Sister Na would have the most daring performance in her film career, even more daring the releasing a pillow. She wore almost nothing, during the shoot the set had to be cleared." She also said that she regretted writing the fate for her character and joked that the boss still has not paid her acting salary.

Playing a villain Tong Bing Yu said that in the film she only fought so she was ordered to steal the spotlight at the production start ceremony. She said, "The director told me to steal the spotlight today, show off when I can. I absolutely am someone who uses her head." Emily Lim would challenge the sexy standards and compete in both looks and fights with Sister Na.

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