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Cherie Chung still likes film and appreciates all that it has given her
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Cherie Chung Chor Hung has been retired from film for years but her glory remains as strong as ever. Director Pang Ho Cheung is interested in asking her to return for the LOVE IN THE BUFF sequel (CHUN GIU YU JI MING YUT GA), to play Shawn Yue Man Lok's mother and reunite with Fat Gor Chow Yun Fat as a pair. Hung Goo two nights ago at a party said that she needed time to consider and would be interested in making movies with positive energy and about environmental protection.

Hung Goo two nights ago was asked about Yue Man Lok's earlier response that Hung Goo should play his lover in the new film. Hung Goo sweetly smiled and responded, "I don't dare! Although I haven't seen LOVE IN THE BUFF yet, I am still paying attention to his movies. Am I interested? You have to ask the director. I need more time to consider. I am not afraid of how tough film production is because when I do something I like I wouldn't feel it's tough. Consideration factors include the script, the director and my schedule. If Fat Gor agrees then it would be the best!"

Hung Goo feels that the current Hong Kong film industry needs a new generation of actors and directors to take the lead. She saw the variety at this year's Hong Kong Film Award and was very touched. "The Hong Kong film industry is starting to recover, with many good movies productions. Only then can more filmmakers be trained." Full of acting experience Hung Goo humbly said that she did not have the ability to be a boss and invest in film, and she did not know how to direct. "Be a boss and invest? I am not that noble and don't have that ability. I haven't been in touch with film for too long and never thought about directing. I still like film and appreciate all the beautiful memories that it has given me. Which type of script would be attractive to me? Something with positive energy and subject about environmental protection would be the best. Normally I like to watch documentary films but never thought about making one myself." Aside from directors, Hung Goo also has paid attention to the new generation of actors but did not name anyone in praise. She said that she was not qualified to give newcomers any guidance.

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