Sunday, April 21, 2013


Michelle Yeoh states that she does not know politics
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Michelle Yeoh (Yeung Chi King) ignored online urging not to attend the Malaysia prime minister event. She even gave a speech and campaign for prime minister Najib. "I am standing here today in order of support our beloved prime minister."

Yeung Chi King said, "I am a child of Malaysia, I love this country. I want to do something right for this country. I am for my country, for Malaysia's best prime minister. So can you show me here your support for the prime minister?" Jeers could be heard in response.

Yeung Chi King said that Malaysia was a multicultural, peaceful and economically stable nation, everyone should support a good leader. Although Yeung Chi King did not avoid campaigning for Najib, she said, "I don't know politics, I don't know how to sing either. I am just standing here to experience the concert, the experience is truly great!" Before ending her speech she invited Naijb to the stage to give a speech and left the stage.

Locals criticized Yeung Chi King online for living overseas and had no idea about the situation in Malaysia. Some even started a boycott of her movies. A minor few said, "Yeung Chi King can have her own political stance, don't criticize her." Yesterday criticisms of Yeung Chi King have already received over 20,000 hits.

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