Tuesday, April 16, 2013


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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing two nights ago booked the restaurant on the top floor of Hopewell Center for a buffet banquet for his concert crew. Sing Sing said, "The company is taking care of it. I give my full support and don't care how much it costs. I am like a bank, just keep making withdrawals." He admitted that he did not mind because the crew has been working shoulder to shoulder with him for years. They understood his demands and persistence and he should thank and encourage them. Will his concert have a part 3? Sing Sing pointed out that he will have a chance and the stage can change again. He stressed that he would never rest except during half time.

After the concert, Sing Sing originally will work on another film that was tailored for him. However after reading the script he felt that it was not the direction that he wanted to go and could only turn it down. As for COLD WAR's Hong Kong Film Award winning director Longman Leung Lok Man and Sunny Luk Kim Ching feeling that they owed Sing Sing because he did not have a single nomination, Sing Sing said, "They are very humble. I am very touched that they said that. I don't mind winning or losing an award, instead I am happy for the movie's 9 awards." In the future Sing Sing will focus on movies. Because he felt that he had more life experience he could try different characters and genres, but he stressed that he would not give up on music.

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