Sunday, April 14, 2013


Paul Wong and Athena Chu's baby "Roast Pork Bun" loves to sleep
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Paul Wong Koon Chung wanted to hold his daughter "Roast Pork Bun" but could not. Yesterday morning Wong Koon Chung posted a photo of "Roast Pork Bun" asleep. He revealed that due to work and illness he had to put himself in quarantine and could not be near his daughter.

"Last time I returned from Beijing and ran into the studio, I didn't hold you. Because I am too busy, I can only want to. 8 hours later when I got home I didn't hold you because you were asleep. I could only watch. 3 hours later I left for Hunan, when I got back I couldn't hold you because I was sick. I could only long to. I immediately went to find a doctor and made preparation for self quarantine. Luckily the doctor said it was no big deal and I could g home. Baby, it's not that Papa doesn't want to hold you!"

Janet Chow Ka Wai often poses photos of her son TJ online and shared their lives. She revealed that her son TJ would look around every time he went out and listened to a variety of sound without acting up. Thus she and her husband Timmy Hung Tin Ming loved to take him outside.

Yesterday, Chow Ka Wai posted a photo of TJ sleeping quietly in the car. She said, "TJ fell asleep as soon as he got into the car! All thanks to the comfortable Combi Baby Car Seat!"

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