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Sammi Cheng Sau Man two nights ago after congratulating Miriam Yeung Chin Wa online yesterday attended the OSIM Angel Mama date with Sammi. She avoided answering whether she was disappointed over the Best Actress defeat, she only stated that at the moment of announcement her heart reached 300 beats then settled down. Was Yeung Chin Wa her choice for Best Actress? Sammi said, "Chin Wa has great odds too. Actually this year was pretty even. The genres are different, so it depended on voter tastes. The spirit of competition requires the acceptance of result, I have to know how to handle hope and disappointment and face them honestly."

Andy Hui Chi On online comforted his girlfriend, "Tonight you are so beautiful that you stole all the spotlight from the venue, what more do you want?" Sammi sweetly said, "He has to do something too. How did he comfort me? We ate together and (Aaron) Kwok Fu Sing paid my bill, I was very happy! I can't reveal what On Jai said, he has to do something. We are rarely like this online. I was very touched, he wanted to give me some encouragement." Sammi was the most sentimental about the red carpet moment. She said, "I never enjoy the red carpet. The last time I was nominated I had depression, couldn't handle and was absent from the red carpet. This time walking on it again after recovering, the process made me very happy and sentimental."

The last time she competed for Best Actress she had depression. Did she feel that On Jai was particularly worried about her being nominated again? Sammi said, "He wasn't worried and wasn't consoling me. He truly thought that I was very hot and couldn't help but praise me. I am very happy. Does On Jai praise me often? That depends on before or after make up. The look is only a small part. The most important is how we are together, the look isn't what you face in a lifetime."

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