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Old photos bring back a lot of memories for Lan Ji
Sheila Chan and Michelle Reis were both favorites to win Miss Hong Kong
Rosamund Kwan and Sophia Loren
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Sheila Chan Suk Lan appeared on a cable program and shared her 1988 Miss Hong Kong pageant bikini photos in Thailand. Back then Michelle Reis (Lee Ka Yun) won and Lan Ji was the first runner up and Miss Photogenic. She said that during the pageant both she and Lee Ka Yun were young girls and the favorites. When she pulled out the old photos she shared them with Lee Ka Yun right away and brought back beautiful memories; they even praised secretly that their figures now are better than back then.

Lan Ji in 1990 worked with Sandra Ng Kwan Yu on MORTUARY BLUES (SI GA JUNG DEI) and both played Chinese opera divas. She said that when she saw the photo she felt even "younger" and both of them were giggling girls. However the shoot was very tough. Now she definitely would not be as brave and as endurable as she was. In her career, Lan Ji could not forget working with James Wong Jim. Uncle Jim said that even foul language had to be used with culture, since then she did not dare to use foul language again.

Italian jewelry brand Damiani opened its Hong Kong flagship store. Sophia Loren came to Hong Kong to be the opening ceremony guest. Also in attendance were Rosamund Kwan Chi Lam, Sharon Kwok Sau Wan and Virginia Yung Ka Wai.

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