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Tony Leung Ka Fai, Eric Tsang, Jacky Cheung
Tony Leung Ka Fai gives Eric Tsang a kiss.  Reportedly Tony Leung Ka Fai will star in a TVB series

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Connie Chan's appearance surprises Eric Tsang
Shum Ka Wai carries his youngest daughter Shum Sing while oldest daughter Shum Yuet darted out with Chingmy  Yau
Mama Ng, Sandra Ng, Chan Si Chi and Peter Chan

Chingmy Yau's second daughter Shum Yat, Anna Ueyama and her daughter Hilary
Timmy Hung, TJ, Janet Chow
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Eric Tsang Chi Wai two days ago celebrated his 60th birthday at the Hong Kong Disneyland. After the rides during the day, a banquet was held at night at the hotel. Even Connie Chan Bo Chu appeared with her son Dexter Young Tin King and his wife. However she stayed until 9PM and left, with birthday boy Chi Wai personally walked them to their cars. Later Chi Wai said to the media, "Sister Bo Chu's appearance at my birthday party is a huge surprise. After she arrived I didn't dare to drink. Now that she left I can drink."

Chi Wai praised how easy going Sister Bo Chu was and did not mind holding his hand for press photos and revealed that Sister Bo Chu already called in the afternoon through Tin King to wish him happy birthday but he did not dare to mention the banquet as he was afraid of embarrassing the elder and the media coverage. Chi Wai said, "After the phone she very graciously hung up, actually Sister Bo Chu even personally attended the banquet. Even Tin King didn't know. She is someone I respect very much." He said that he only knew Sister Bo Chu because of Tin King. He felt that his and Tin King's background was similar. Both were carried the burden of a very successful elder. Thus he has always been very supportive of Tin King.

Chingmy Yau Suk Ching and husband Shum Ka Wai, Anna Ueyama walked out with their children around 10PM. Did they have fun? Dau Dau immediately smiled and raised a victory sign. Actually the three adults took the children home first then returned for the party. Angela Tong Ying Ying and Chin Kar Lok also asked someone to take their daughter home.

Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and Peter Chan Ho Sun, their daughter Chan Si Chi who just turned 7 on April 13 and Mama Ng posed for a three generation photo when they left. Chan Si Chi was a little shy in front of the camera. When reporters wished her happy birthday she immediately flashed a smile. Kwan Yu said, "Chi Wai Gor Gor's cake is very pretty." Then she could not help but cracked up as she said, "Chi Wai is 60 and I still call him Gor Gor!"

Janet Chow Ka Wai complained about Timmy Hung Tin Ming's drunkenness at Tsang Chi Wai's birthday party. She had to leave early to take care of their son at home and the husband who came home drunk. She said, "However taking our son to the park in the afternoon was a lot of fun. Tong Ying Ying's daughter even took the chance to kick my son back for revenge."

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