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Paco Wong plans to release a memorial record for Sita Chan
Sita Chan
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Sita Chan Hei Yi passed away from a car crash last week. Her mentor Paco Wong two nights ago at the Yan Oi Tong board of directors inauguration event revealed her funeral arrangement. "The funeral will be Western style at Po Fook Shan. I know she liked the color pink very much so the venue will be decorated with it."

As for clothing, Paco would respect Chan Hei Yi's family wishes. He would be busy with the forever remembrance collection, with 3 CDs and 3 unreleased new songs SCRIPT OF LOVE, LOVE MAGIC and DON'T LOVE ME (FEI FEI Mandarin version) and unreleased demos and old sons as well 2 DVDS of new and old music videos. Paco said, "Both her family and record company don't want to waste Sita's effort, which can be left for everyone to remember her by. At the same time I have contacted singers, artists, music creators and colleagues who have worked with Sita to write for Sita on the memorial record."

As for Lee Shing Chak being accused of taking advantage of the situation when he said he warned Sita against driving herself, Paco said, "Lee Shing Chak knew Sita even before I did, he even helped with her stage name. I knew long ago he time and after reminded Sita. Normally she would get a ride for work, thus after the accident I felt very surprised!" Sita was rumored to be overworked when she drove and had the crash. Paco explained that during that period Sita only focused on singing practice and recording. She has not started her new film yet so her workload was not considered heavy.

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