Tuesday, April 16, 2013


courtesy of on.cc

Currently busy with the adapting the popular online novel LOST ON A RED MINIBUS TO TAIPO (NA YEH LING SUN, NGOR JOR SEUNG LIU WONG GOK HOI WONG DAI BO DIK HUNG VAN), director Fruit Chan Gor two days ago celebrated his birthday. The team held a surprise birthday party for him. The assistant director even personally made many film related cup cakes for him , then told him to go to the company for a meeting but actually planned with Chan Gor's three godsons Shine's Tsui Tin Yau, Wong Yau Nam and Sam Lee Chan Sam to celebrate his birthday. Chan Gor was very happy and made a wish on the spot.

Tsui Tin Yau was also very appreciative of Chan Gor and thanked him online for discovering him in front of the Mongkok Police Station for a movie. In addition, this film originally planned to start production this month, but because of government assistance request and unconfirmed lead actress it has been postponed to next month.

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