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Anthony Wong just signed with Emperor and already got into trouble.  Manager Mani Fok rushes in to put out the fire.
Charlene Choi is all wrapped after her dive to keep from catching a cold
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Recently artist diving programs have become popular in the Mainland, Anthony Wong Chau Sun two nights ago blasted this type of program twice online. "Tell the stars to build off a build and see who lives, the rating would be even better!" Perhaps he forgot that he has already signed with Emperor, as his colleague Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin also took part in the diving performance. Manager Mani Fok Man Hei said that Chau Sun only misunderstood the earlier accident was due to diving, thus he made the comments.

Artist diving program gained popular in the Mainland, as SPLASH! and STARS IN DANGER had high ratings and were talked about. Ashton Chen (Sik Siu Lung) participated in STARS IN DANGER and his 18 year old assistant drowned in the training center. Fans even asked Choi Cheuk Yin to resign, but after she and Fok Man Hei understood the safety situation she decided to continue to participate and went to the next round.

Two nights ago Chau Sun said online, "A diving program finally has an accident. Do they not think clearly about such death defying programs?" Several minutes later he again posted, "I suggest telling stars to jump off buildings and see who lives. The rating would be even better!" He blasted television stations in order to generate talk and increase ratings produced diving programs. They might as well tell stars to jump off buildings. Perhaps Chau Sun just signed with Emperor, he did not know that his "colleague" Choi Cheuk Yin was participating and his words led to an awkward situation. Chau Sun's blast received over 10,000 responses, blaming the program production units for risking people's lives, calling for the program to be cut short and even asking Chau Sun to ask Fok Man Hei to let Ah Sa resign.

Yesterday Fok Man Hei said that she already got an understanding from Chau Sun. "Chau Sun is emotional, direct and honest. He thought that someone died from diving. I already told him what happened. Perhaps with all the rumors the matter became complicated. Even Chau Sun was confused." Fok Man Hei stressed that she chose to let Ah Sa compete because she had a national coach to guide her. The event also knew about Ah Sa's hip injury and thus never asked her to perform any dangerous stunts. Ah Sa insisted on performing for charity, she also wanted to overcome her fear of heights. After Ah Sa made it to the next round, she would follow the doctor's suggestion to consider whether she could continue to compete. Fok Man Hei said, "Ah Sa's health and safety come first."

Ah Sa finished diving but got sick again after working too much. Her assistant posted her "turban look". Ah Sa after diving wrapped herself in towels but showed off her legs, as she warmed herself in front the heating fan. Her assistant said, "Positive energy! Does everyone like this look of Choi Cheuk Yin?"

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