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Repeated questions about Lynn Xiong enrages Aaron Kwok
Aaron Kwok and Nick Cheung have become such good friends that they have to be interviewed together
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing attended the CONSPIRATORS (TUNG MAU) celebration last night. He insisted on being interviewed with Nick Cheung Ka Fai. At first he pretended to be relaxed but when reporters repeatedly mentioned the break up with Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam) he could not help but get mad. Sing Sing said that when he made CONSPIRATORS he gained a friend in Cheung Ka Fai. Reporters asked if he lost a girlfriend? He said, "Honestly, I won't answer. You know me, I don't reply to personal affairs. I wouldn't open myself up either, let love follow destiny."

Is he single now? Sing Sing was already impatient. "I answered everything! No comment!" Would he properly say it once to know other girls know about an opportunity? He repeated, "I am done!" Was he talking about his relationship with Lynn? He insisted that love would follow destiny, he has always been low key and did not want to talk. He hoped outsiders would give him some personal space. Was he broken up? Sing Sing got mad. "I made this movie without any concern for my own life, but you don't ask me about work. Can you please respect the actors a little?"

Sing Sing got mad over talking about Hung Doi Lam, but his face changed when he mentioned Christine Kuo. When he learned that Lady Kuo cried, he said, "It's so sad! She doesn't need to cry, those in clear knows they are; her personality is like this..." He added that he was not too familiar with her. Cheung Ka Fai suggested to Sing Sing to take Lady Kuo to dinner. He asked dinner now? Later, he said that he had to apologize to Lady Kuo. Untrue reports would affect a girl's reputation.

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