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Sita Chan's final music video is aired today
Sita Chan's final work BACKUP has a very dark tone
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Sita Chan Hei Yi last Wednesday passed away from a car crash. Her record company uploaded her new song music video BACKUP (HAU BEI) to YouTube for fans to remember their idol. The music video was uploaded in advanced yesterday afternoon. In 10 short minutes several hundred people have already liked it; however the record company suddenly pulled the music video out of fear that the information was not simultaneous and today officially released it.

The record company Sun Entertainment Culture revealed Sita's new song music video BACK UP was officially scheduled for an official release on the 18th. No one expected Sita to have an accident the day before and was unable to complete her second record. Sita personally wrote BACK UP, which helplessly became her last song. Afraid of wasting Sita's effort, the record company today released the new song music video. In it Sita wore a black dress and looked out of it to express the sorrow of a girl who was not recognized in love. The lyrics were, "Holding your body, still feel guilty, when love seems to be a crime, it should be lonelier than dying." With Sita's tragic passing, her sorrowful expression in front of the camera was added sadness for fans.

The record company the media had communication errors, the music video was uploaded yesterday. In a short 10 minutes several hundred people have played it. Some fans even wrote, "Missing this idol very much". Out of fear of less than simultaneous news release, the record company pulled the music video and released it today. The record company said that on the day of the shoot, the director asked Sita to wear high heels and shoot in the dark. She not only sang and played the piano, but also was asked to lie on a board and the ground. She did not mind the dirty environment and insisted on performing herself.

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