Thursday, April 18, 2013


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Lynn Xiong looks upset when asked about Christine Kuo and whether her relationship with Aaron Kwok can be saved
Lynn Xiong continues to wear her break up ring

Lynn Xiong leaves with her manager and security after the event
Aaron Kwok's temper rises and declines to talk when asked about Lynn Xiong revealing the break up herself
Christine Kuo's image is affected from rumors that she is the third party between Aaron Kwok and Lynn Xiong
Aaron Kwok quoted Buddhist scripture yesterday and hinted that Lynn Xiong was too obsessive and looked for trouble for herself while he was living comfortably with an open mind.
In 2006 Aaron Kwok and Lynn Xiong sealed their love with a kiss in his music video SON OF WIND
At Aaron Kwok's concert in March, Aaron and Lynn Xiong shared the handshake of the century
Aaron Kwok picked up Noriko Fujiwara in his sports car
Christy Chung and Aaron Kwok's rumor was fiery

Christine Kuo and Aaron Kwok's rumor has become white hot
Linda Chung does not believe Christine Kuo to be a third party
Anthony Wong cannot care like about other people's romance
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Anthony Wong Chau Sun worked with Aaron Kwok Fu Sing. When asked about Sing Sing and Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam)'s break up, Chau Sun said, "What does their break up have to do with us working together before? Does everyone who have worked with me before break up? I remember he owes me many dinners for when he constantly woke me up with his driving. (Do you feel bad for them?) What does that have to do with me, I never care about stuff like that. I don't even know who his girlfriend is and what her name is."

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