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Real Ting accompanies his wife Miriam Yeung to the Hong Kong Film Award
Miriam Yeung hopes her son would look for someone who is as smart and pretty as his mother
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Miriam Yeung Chin Wa earlier went to the hospital for fibroid removal. Yesterday she returned to work. She first attended a Radio Hong Kong event and at night she attended the Hong Kong Film Award to compete for Best Actress and present an award. Chin Wa yesterday wore ELIE SAAB low cut red dress and walked the red carpet. Her husband Real Ting Chi Go held her hand tightly; Chin Wa was not worried about wardrobe malfunction and joked that she already showed a "point", the beauty mark on her chest. She revealed that her son would mistake it for dirt and often tried to pull it off. She would only say it hurt. Did her husband approve her dress? She said that he took a look and felt that it was fine. He only worried that she could not support the dress and embarrass herself.

Yesterday Chin Wa attended a Radio Hong Kong event. Although after the surgery she took time off to rest, she still looked tired; she gave birth to her son Torres last June and the recent operation took a lot out of her. Chin Wa said that the operation was not anything serious, just a fibroid removal. When she was carrying Torres she already noticed the problem, thus she was very worried. She said that fibroid was a problem that many women had, hers just had more quantity and size. After the operation her health was okay, but two operations in a year left her exhausted and she need time to rest.

Did she have the operation to have more children? She joked that she would have to first renovate her home first. As for having another child, she would have to wait until after half a year before trying again because in mid May she will have to work on a movie. After this year she will try again.

Her husband Real Ting Chi Ko wanted to have a Year of the Horse baby. Chin Wa said that babies do not just come when she wanted one. Although she had the intention and the effort she still needed luck. She had to try for awhile before Torres. She even thought about giving up and had to wait to be blessed by Heaven.

Chin Wa last night was a guest presenter, she was rumored to present Best Supporting actor. The favorite for the award was her old flame Ronald Cheng Chung Kei. Chin Wa said that she did not know which award it would be. Even if she had to present an award to Cheng Chung Kei she would not be embarrassed and he should be very happy as well. Would she like Cheng Chung Kei to win? Chin Wa said, "You should ask his wife this question." Chin Wa was resting but could not stop taking care of her son. Earlier she personally went grocery shopping at the supermarket. She said that giving her son food was very important. She had to get up early to shop at the supermarket.

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