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Alan Tam on a rare occasion looks upset 
Alan Tam and Hacken Lee respect the spirit of the contract and perform
Hacken Lee declines to answer any political questions
So Chi Wai
Eric Moo displays his Malaysia passport during his performance and wishes for a fair election
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Alan Tam Wing Lun, Hacken Lee Hak Kun, the Grasshoppers, Leon Lai Ming, Eric Moo (Mo Kai Yin), Angela Chang (Cheung Siu Hom) and others two nights ago participated in A Penang, Malaysia International Charity Concert with over 100,000 viewers. Original participants Gigi Leung Wing Kei and May Day cancelled. Reportedly with the upcoming election in Malaysia, the concert had political motive and some singers resigned. Singers who were involved were swept into a political storm and blasted online. Alan even said that he "learned a valuable lesson" but since the company signed a contract he could only follow through. He hoped that colleagues would be able to learn from this.

Leung Wing Kei and May Day earlier announced their resignation and received praises from fans. Fans asked Alan online not to perform. He replied, "Didn't the organizer already make a statement about no political involvement? The company already signed the contract and has to folow through. Thus we have to go to Penang and clear this up first!" Alan performed as scheduled but yesterday made three postings and a photo. Alan helplessly explained, "As one of the show business front line artists, I of course understand a lot would come at artists; on this trip to Penang, why would we still perform? First a promise was already made and secondly the contract was already signed. Even if the company didn't have a detailed understanding of the entire matter, as the team leader I could only face it on the road."

Alan continued, "Over the past few days everyone through a variety of channels expressed to us analyses, ideas and well meaning warnings, understanding, concern and even complaints over the matter, we have learned from each and every one. Here I would like to thank everyone for giving me another valuable lesson!" Alan forwarded all the messages to his colleagues and even brought them to Penang to learn the experience for future references; he has already done his part as a singer, external factors were beyond the range of his abilities.

Lai Ming, the Grasshoppers, George Lam Chi Cheung, Lee Hak Kun yesterday returned on an early flight. So Chi Wai was asked about artists declining to attend due to political elements. He just said "Thank you" and rushed off. Several minutes later, his group mates Choy Yat Chi and Choy Yat Kit came out of the gate with Lam Chi Cheung. They all left in a hurry. Hacken was asked about being blasted for performing. He explained, "Everyone can ask my company, since the contract was signed we had to perform. I was only supporting music." As for the public response, Hacken had no comment.

Eric Moo earlier said that he would only return to Malaysia for the concert but not the election, immediately he was blasted online. During his performance he displayed his Malaysia passport. "I am telling the entire world, I have always been Malaysian, Malaysia is my home. Don't call me a foreigner anymore. My dream for the Lord to bless Malaysia, for us to forever have just and fair elections and electing a government of different races and religions to serve the people and the nation."

Absentee Leung Wing Kei recorded a message of apology for fans. Angela Chang was rumored to be under house arrest. Her sister sent a brief message to report their safety and the promotional personnel denied any talk of house arrest.

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