Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Tong Liya, Aaron Kwok
Qin Hailu, Aaron Kwok,Charlie Yeung, Xia Yu
courtesy of singtao.com
Returning from Seoul, Lynn Xiong claims to have lost her voice and did not respond to any question
courtesy of mingpao.com

In comparison to Lynn Xiong's down look, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing after the break up has been attending events nonstop. After stating earlier that "liking someone doesn't guarantee growing old together", Sing Sing yesterday while promoting his new film CONSPIRATORS (TUNG MAU) again talked about his break up. He declined to respond whether Hung Doi Lam hooked up with a wealthy tycoon but admitted that outsiders would not understand what happened between them. They could not only treat what they heard like they witnessed it. Sing Sing said, "Every person's decision has a reason, I have neither hated nor blamed."

Sing Sing felt that the break up might not have to be bad. "Don't force anything, change the angle and give a blessing. Feeling better after an attack? This isn't how to live." Was he hinting that online fans should not blindly attack him? Sing Sing also said that he was studying Buddhism so everything would be best faced and handled calmly. Sing Sing recently began to promote another new film CHRISTMAS ROSE (SING DAN MUI GWAI). He admitted that making his film made him understand how to handle relationships.

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