Monday, April 29, 2013


The Vicki Zhao directed, Mark Chao starred OUR ETERNALLY LOST YOUTH is a big Mainland box office hit
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The Vicki Zhao Wei directing debut OUR ETERNALLY LOST YOUTH was released last Friday in the Mainland. The film had help from popular actors Mark Chao (Chiu Yau Ting), Han Geng and Yang Zishan and opened with over 45 million yuan RMB. It passed LOST IN THAILAND's 35 million and created a new 2D Chinese film opening day box office record. After 3 days it even broke the 100 million mark and made Zhao Wei the nation's fifth female director to break 100 million at the box office.

As the Mainland prepares for the May Day golden week holiday, YOUTH might break 400 million yuan. According to Mainland media analysis Zhao Wei would extremely likely become the female director with the highest single film box office.

The film not only invited Faye Wong to perform the theme song TO YOUTH but also added Hacken Lee Hak Kun's RED SUN and Suede's SO YOUNG. It is planned for mid June release in Hong Kong.

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